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Parental leave

Employees (PhD students following the 5+3 scheme or part B of the 4+4 scheme)

Your terms of employment can only be extended for that part of your leave which takes place within your period of employment. If your employment ends during leave, your employment can maximum be extended for a period corresponding to the period of absence which took place before your employment ended. This means that you - after ending your leave - will return to your work for a period which corresponds to your absence within the period of employment.

The graduate school does not extend the enrolment or employment for any leave of absence held without prior written consent from the graduate school.


  • Parental leave if only one of the parents is covered by Danish legislation on social security (non-Danish parent): English version

Aarhus University

  • AU HR's website - information, notifications and forms for employee (5+3 scheme and part B of the 4+4 scheme): Danish version - English version
  • AU HR memo of 20 August 2012 on childcare days for PhD students: Danish version

The Agency for the Modernisation of Public Administration

The Ministry of Employment

For international PhD students - Life in Denmark.dk

PhD students on part A of the 4+4 scheme

Overview - parental leave rules: Danish version - English version   

  • Mother: up to 12 month = up to 24 SU-points (no sooner than 2 months before and up to 12 months after - however, maximum 12 months in total)
  • Father: up to six month = up to 12 SU-points

  • Ministerial Order of Law on SU - The Danish students' Grants and Loans Scheme: Danish version
  • Ministerial Order on SU PhD scholarships: Danish version 

Other rules and guidelines

  • Ministerial Order on the act on entitlement to leave and benefits in the event maternity/paternity leave (barselsloven): Danish version
  • Ministerial Order on the right to maternity/paternity benefits: Danish version
  • Ministerial Order of Law on equal treatment of men and women in regard to employment etc.: Danish version
  • The Agency for the Modernisation of Public Administration circular on Parental leave, adoption and childcare days: Danish version
  • Ministerial Order of Law on sick pay or maternity pay: Danish version