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For course organisers (PhD course registration)

Submission of PhD course proposals

Proposals for PhD courses can be submitted in two ways:

  1. head of Graduate School, Arts, and PhD programme directors announce calls for proposal for new PhD courses, in which case deadlines will be announced
  2. ad hoc proposals are submitted and approved by the relevant PhD programme director and subsequently by head of Graduate School, Arts. Ad hoc proposals must be sent by the PhD programme director to head of Graduate School, Arts, no later than four months before the course is planned to take place

Please fill in and forward this form to relevant PhD programme director to register your course:  Registration of PhD course

Administrative services provided by Graduate School, Arts

Please note that Graduate School, Arts, cannot provide support on initial course planning, such as budgeting and resource allocation. Graduate School, Arts, provide the following services:

  1. posting the course on www.phdcourses.dk and this website
  2. registration of applicants via Course Manager
  3. booking of teaching rooms
  4. booking of hotel rooms in Denmark for guest lecturers
  5. handling of fees and travel expense reports for guest lecturers
  6. ordering coffee/tea (2 orders of coffee/tea per 6-7 hour-course day), lunch (1 sandwich and bottle of water) and 1 snack (fruit or cake)
  7. providing standard course evaluation online via SurveyXact
  8. issuing course certificates.

 PhD course policy, Arts

 For further information on the range of PhD courses at Graduate School, Arts, and procedures, please refer to PhD course policy, Arts (in Danish).