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Salary (5+3)

Salary paid to the PhD fellow

The salary will be paid according to the AC-salary level (4, 5, 6 or 8) with salary seniority depending on relevant employment after the Master’s degree was granted. 

The employment includes a special supplement (PhD bonus) of DKK 17,272 per annum (1 October 2023 level).

The monthly salary amounts to (1 October 2023 level):

1 The full base salary is pensionable salary according to the below-mentioned special pension rules for PhD fellows.

2 The supplement is not pensionable.


Salary costs when applying for grants

The above is only the amount paid to the PhD fellow. The salary costs are much higher. 

Please see the calculation for the total salary costs: English version - Danish version

The salary is based on the PhD fellow's salary seniority after the Master's degree. Remember to take the seniority into consideration when applying for external grants. Relevant employment (with seniority) taking place after the Master's degree is obtained qualifies the PhD fellow to a higher pay scale.

  • Example
    • 5+3:
      Two years of relevant employment (with seniority) qualifies the PhD fellow to receive a salary corresponding to pay scale 5 instead of pay scale 4.
    • 4+4, part B:
      4+4 students on part B will always start on the first year of pay scale 4 because they have just obtained their Master's degree.

Please see this page for the pay scale incl. pension and holiday pay: English version - Danish version