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Assessment procedure

When the Graduate School of Arts announces a PhD scholarship, it is the assessment committees that decide which applications are to be considered for the scholarships.

The selection process is based on standard academic assessment criteria, with emphasis on assessing the applicant’s academic qualifications and the scholarly strengths and weaknesses of the proposed PhD project. 

In assessing the applicant’s personal qualifications, the committee considers the applicant’s previous academic progress, examination marks, special qualifications essential for completing the proposed research project (for instance, language skills and familiarity with particular theories and methods), as well as other experiences or competencies that would support the successful completion of the doctoral degree. The committee also considers the applicant’s scholarly publications and experiences at research and higher education institutions abroad. In the assessment of the PhD project, emphasis is placed on the scholarly originality of the project, its methodological and theoretical consistency, the possible contributions of the project to the scholarly development of the particular academic field, and an evaluation of the feasibility of the applicant completing the project within the prescribed time frame. Also important is an assessment of the possible integration of the project into the existing active research environments within the particular research field, including specific institutional recruitment needs.

There is one assessment committee for each PhD programme. See the list of assessment committees here.