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Forms (attachments)

The graduate school has a number of forms that you must use when you apply for enrolment and employment at Arts.

Forms for all applications

Timetable (mandatory)

The timetable is a mandatory attachment to the project description: English version
Although the form for the timetable is in English you are still allowed to write the project description in Danish if the calls is in Danish.

The form for the timetable must be used by both 4+4 and 5+3 applicants. It is just the last part of the form that is for 4+4 applicants only.

Cover sheet for diplomas

Please upload the cover sheet in the same file as your diplomas and transcripts of records/diploma supplement: English version

Preferred order:

  • Cover sheet
  • The Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education's assessment of your non-Danish qualification (if you have one)
  • Bachelor's diploma and transcripts of records/diploma supplement
  • Master's diploma and transcripts of records/diploma supplement

Credit transfer (5+3 scheme)

The estimated duration of the PhD degree programme is 3 years of full-time study. The form is used for specific activities relevant to the PhD project for which you would like to receive credits: English version

Budget details

This budget form is only mandatory if you need more money for equipment or travels than the amounts mentioned under Financing in the Application guide.

Statement concerning particularly costly equipment, studying abroad etc.:  Danish budget form - English budget form

Additional forms (when applying with external funding)

Besides the forms under the section "Forms for the online application" there are some other forms you must upload to your application when applying for enrolment with external funding via the ad hoc application form.

Financing details

The funding for the enrolment can either come from:

  • A fully funded PhD fellowships/scholarships (salary, travel expenses, programme fee/tuition and overhead) from an external source.
    Form for financing details: English version
  • A co-financed PhD fellowships/scholarships where a part of the enrolment/employment is paid by Aarhus University and the other part is paid by another cooperation/partner. The co-funding must be applied for before applying for enrolment.
    Application form for co-funding: Danish version 

Employment information form

The form must be used if the PhD student is going to be employed by Aarhus University as a condition for the external funding.