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Midway assessment

4+4 programme

During part A, PhD students must finish accumulating Master's degree qualifications equivalent to 90 ECTS points and also write a thesis equivalent to 30 ETCS points or one or more texts which are together equivalent to a thesis at Master's degree level and thus qualify for the award of a Master's degree of 120 ETCS points.

The midway assessment, giving admission to Part B, will be considered to be passed after the Master's thesis is assessed as passed and the semi-annual evaluation is approved. Before the semi-annual evaluation is carried out, there will be a discussion of the PhD project among the PhD student, the principal supervisor and the relevant Phd programme director (or a substitute selected by the PhD programme director). In the case of a two-year enrolment, this will be the fourth semi-annual evaluation.  For shorter enrolment periods, it will typically be the third semi-annual evaluation. The semi-annual evaluation must be completed immediately after the midway interview.

Part B of the four-year PhD programme corresponds in its requirements and contents to the final two years of the three-year PhD programme. On passing the Master's degree and admission to Part B, the PhD student will be employed on a PhD fellowship.

For further information please see the Rules for the PhD Programme at the Graduate School, Arts - Supplements to the general guidelines relating to the PhD programme at the Graduate School, Arts