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On the 1st of July 2011 three graduate schools, the Graduate School of Theology and the Study of Religion, the Doctoral School of Educational Research and the Graduate School of Humanities, merged to form the Graduate School of Arts.

Under management of the head of the graduate school, Graduate School of Arts manages the PhD degree programme at the Faculty of Arts and at the faculty departments and research centres.

The Graduate School of Arts (GSA) has approximately 220 PhD students, with around 170 of them at Aarhus Campus and around 50 at Emdrup Campus, north of Copenhagen. The Graduate School of Arts is organised into eight PhD study programmes (with eight research programme chairs) covering all research areas under the Faculty of Arts.

The Graduate School, Arts is supported by the PhD administration (Arts PhD) located in the Administrative Centre Arts and by the Central Talent development Unit. Each PhD programme is led by a PhD programme director and facilitated by a PhD programme administrator from the PhD administrative team.

The Graduate School, Arts and the Central Talent development Unit are provided by 2 websites; an external site for new applicants and other stakeholders along with an internal site for current PhD students, advisors, assessment committees, programme chairs etc.: https://phd.au.dk/for-current-phd-students

The Graduate School of Arts is supported by PhD Planner as the central administrative tool for offering new positions, review committees, offers to candidates, employment and degree completion.