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Going abroad

As a PhD student at Graduate School Arts you are expected to incorporate one longer international research stay of at least 2 months’ duration in your PhD plan. This is considered a key qualification in your development as a researcher. Intent of an international research stay must be reflected in the PhD plan.

To strengthen PhD students’ opportunities to study abroad for an extended period of time during the PhD degree programme, the departmental work may be reduced by 20 hours per month spent studying abroad to be completed in accordance with the PhD plan. This reduction may only be granted for up to five months of studying abroad (PhD students' paid work at the department (840 hours total) - English version and Danish version).

You are expected to plan for this stay yourself, naturally in dialogue with your supervisor, and as such you need to consider carefully the destination of your stay, the period, the costs and the expected outcome. Below we have gathered a number of resources which may be of help to you before, during and after your stay.

PhD students employed at the Faculty of Arts are given a maximum credit of DKK 40,000, covering their entire project period, unless other specific agreements were made on their registration/appointment. This credit is granted to help PhD students carry out the PhD plan, and can be used to cover travel expenses pursuant to the rules outlined in the Guidelines on how to manage travel expenses.

If you are a PhD student with external funding, you should generally settle your travelling expenses via your external project number and NOT via the graduate school’s travel project number. If you need any further information about how to settle your travel expenses, please ask the grant recipient for the external project in question or the Arts Finance department.

Information for Aarhus University researchers and PhD students going on a research stay abroad

For information on research funding, visa/residence and work permits, insurance and other useful information please see this page: https://researchabroad.au.dk/ 

Change of environment abroad with a duration of 4 weeks or more

Remember to contact your PhD administrator before leaving for your research stay or field work abroad (at least 1 month before departure) if you are employed at Aarhus University (5+3 and 4+4 part B).

You must obtain an addendum for your employment contract. Please fill out this form: Danish version - English version

Other useful information