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Graduate School, Arts

Management team

  • Head of Graduate School and Vice-Dean for Research and Talent Development
    Anne Marie Pahuus
    Email: amp@au.dk
    Tel: +45 23 28 78 96, +45 23 28 78 96

    If you have questions about your PhD application please contact Bettina H. Acthon or the relevant PhD programme administrator.

  • Division Manager
    Steen Weisner
    Email: steen.weisner@au.dk
    Tel: +45 40 10 01 75

  • PhD Team Leader
    Anna Louise Dolan Plaskett
    Email: plaskett@au.dk
    Tel: +45 87 15 25 81

PhD administration

  • Applications (open and specific calls), parental leave, adoption and illness
    PhD administrator Bettina H. Acthon 
    Email: acthon@au.dk
    Tel: +45 87 16 22 58 
  • PhD courses for enrolled PhD students
    Vacant position until June 2024
    Email: phd.kurser.arts@au.dk
  • PhD programme administrators
    Please see the section below

PhD programmes (directors and administrators)

Anthropology, Global Studies and the Study of Religion

PhD programme director
Lisanne Wilken
Email: ceklw@cas.au.dk
Tel: +45 87 16 22 35

PhD administrator
Bodil Bjerring
Email: Bodil.Bjerring@au.dk
Tel: +45 87 15 32 97


PhD programme director
Lars Emmerik Damgaard Knudsen
Tel: +45 30 22 67 63  

PhD administrator
Minna Elo
Email: minna.elo@au.dk
Tel: +45 87 15 32 98 or 
+45 30 76 07 89 (mobile)

History, Archaeology and Classical Studies

PhD programme director
Jeppe Büchert Netterstrøm
Email: phd.hac@cas.au.dk / hisjbn@cas.au.dk
Tel: +45 87 16 22 04 

PhD administrator
Marianne Hoffmeister
Email:  mho@au.dk 
Tel: +45 87 15 34 24

ICT, Media, Communication and Journalism

PhD programme director (on leave, until 1.9.2025)
Iben Have
Email:  ibenhave@cc.au.dk 
Tel: +45 87 16 20 15

PhD programme director (substitute, 1.5.2024 - 31.8.2025)
Pia Majbritt Jensen
Email:  piamj@cc.au.dk 
Tel: +45 87 16 16 52 / +45 50 41 97 46

PhD administrator
Anders Gade Jensen
Email: andersgade@au.dk
Tel: +45 87 15 24 12

Art, Literature and Cultural Studies

PhD programme director 
Stefan Iversen 
Email: norsi@cc.au.dk
Tel: +45 40 87 85 70

PhD administrator
Vacant position until June 2024
Email: ph.d.-int.arts@au.dk 

Learning and Education

PhD programme director
Hanne Kirstine Adriansen
Email: hka@edu.au.dk
Tel: +45 93 50 80 15

PhD administrator
Minna Elo
Email: minna.elo@au.dk
Tel: +45 87 15 32 98 or 
+45 30 76 07 89 (mobile)

Language, Linguistics, Communication, and Cognition

PhD programme director
Mikkel Wallentin
Email: mikkel@cc.au.dk
Tel: +45 8716 31 86

PhD administrator
Marianne Hoffmeister
Email:  mho@au.dk 
Tel: + 45 87 15 34 24

Theology, History of ideas and Philosophy

PhD programme director
Jakob Bek-Thomsen
Email: idejbt@cas.au.dk 
Tel: +45 87 16 22 85/
+45 26 17 96 55  

PhD administrator
Anders Gade Jensen
Email: andersgade@au.dk
Tel: +45 87 15 24 12

Other contacts

Heads of department

The head of Department has the personnel responsibility for the PhD student including sickness absence interviews and MUS (staff development dialogue).

Please find your head of department on this page: https://arts.au.dk/en/about-arts/heads-of-department/ 


Employment and salary

Holiday and leave

  • Holiday
    Please contact the relevant registrant at the department and the head of your department.
    See this page too: https://medarbejdere.au.dk/en/administration/hr/holiday/ 
  • Illness/Sick leave
    Please notify the relevant registrant at the department that you are ill at the start of the working day on the first day of illness. In case of illness lasting more than 14 days, Bettina H. Acthon in the PhD administration must also be notified, as the PhD administration obtains refund from the public sector for employees absent due to illness. 
    See this page too: https://phd.arts.au.dk/rules-and-forms/illness/ 
  • Maternity/Paternity leave
    Please contact Bettina H. Acthon in the PhD administration.
    See this page too: https://phd.arts.au.dk/rules-and-forms/parentalleave/

AU credit card (only empolyees)


Union representative

Your union representative can help you if, for example, you have questions about your employment and the collective agreement.

School of Communication and Culture: Tina Thode Hougaard

School of Culture and Society: Lars Bo Gundersen

Danish School of Education: Bjørg Kjær

PhD Career Consultant

Aarhus University has employed the first PhD career consultant, Vibeke Broe, to provide career counselling to PhD students. Vibeke is part of AU Career, and her career counselling service is aimed at PhD Students from all 4 main areas, who are interested in a career outside of the university, or who are interested in knowing more about career options outside the university in order to make an informed choice.  Vibeke offers individual , confidential and independent counselling about career strategy and the job market, how to write effective CVs and Cover letters,  how to unravel your competences, job interview advice and soon also job profile tests.

Vibeke is cand.mag in English and Communication Studies from AAU and University of York, and she has been a PhD student at the Dept. of Linguistics at AU. For 5 years she has worked with counselling of unemployed academics regarding job opportunities as well as offering advice on CV and Cover Letter writing.

If you would like to book an appointment with Vibeke, please send an email to vibr@adm.au.dk or call +45 2942 6029. 

For further information please see: http://phd.au.dk/career/

Aarhus University PhD Association (AUPA)

Arts no longer has a PhD Network is for PhD students enrolled at the Faculty of Arts. The main purpose of the network was to ensure that Arts PhD students were represented in the best way possible, and at all levels of Aarhus University. The aim was also to create a forum for academic discussions and social interaction amongst Arts PhD students.

AUPA is Aarhus University’s PhD association.  

AUPA works politically and strategically to improve conditions for PhDs across the five faculties at Aarhus University. 

For further information please see: https://phd.au.dk/for-current-phd-students/aupa/ 

Work related accidents

Work related accidents must be reported by filling out an online form.

When the accident has been reported, the work accident team will go through the report and handle the procedure of sending the information.

Please note that pursuant to the Danish Working Environment Act, the employer (Aarhus University) must report accidents at work within fourteen days.

Please see this page for further information: https://medarbejdere.au.dk/en/administration/hr/workingenvironment/reportinginjuries

Psychological Counselling Service

AU has entered an agreement with Dansk Erhvervspsykologi, a health advisory company, to provide psychological counselling for all the University's employees with work-related problems. For further information please see this page: http://medarbejdere.au.dk/en/administration/hr/workingenvironment/psychological-work-environment/psychological-counselling-service/