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Research Environment of the Year 2023 - win 10,000 DKK

Junior researchers can now nominate their research environment for the Young Academy's Research Environment of the Year award and win DKK 10,000 for an academic or social event.

The Young Academy launched the award last year to recognize the importance of good research environments for the work, performance and well-being of each individual scholar, and to acknowledge the contribution of each participant to the research community. 

Find out more about the award and how to nominate at the Young Academy’s website or consult the call.

Deadline for nominations is 15 March 2023. The award ceremony will take place in June.

PhD Cup 2023 - win 50,000 DKK

The PhD Cup is a competition in communicating science to the general public for PhD students, who have finished their PhD and received the approval in 2022.

The winner of the PhD Cup receives a fee of 50,000 DKK.

For further information please see: https://www.phdcup.dk/ 

MatchPoints conference at AU on Global Health Challenges and Solutions, May 2023

Pandemic, war, climate, mental challenges, and cardiovascular diseases – there are plenty of threats to the state of our global health. That’s why this year’s MatchPoints conference in May will focus on “Global Health”. Over the course of the two days, leading researchers, health stakeholders, PhD students and NGO representatives will shed light on some of the major health challenges facing our world – and suggest and discuss the solutions to overcome them.

Register for the conference or upload an abstract now.

Reduced price for PhD students/Postdocs.

Read more at www.matchpoints.au.dk

Det Danske Institut i Rom i efteråret 2023

Forskere indenfor alle grene af viden­ska­ben, kunstnere indenfor alle kunst­ar­ter, arkitekter, musikere og forfattere kan nu søge studie­op­hold på Det Danske Institut i Rom i efter­året 2023.

Instituttet har til huse i Kay Fiskers for­nemme bygning fra 1967 og ligger i Borghese-parken, få minutters gang fra Piazza del Popolo og Roms centrum (se www.acdan.it).

Som stipendiat på Det Danske Institut deltager du i et internationalt for­sker- og kunstnermiljø. Du får adgang til by­ens enestående ressourcer i form af muse­er, monumenter, biblioteker, ar­­­ki­ver m.m. Husets personale står til rådig­hed med hjælp og vejledning.

Informa­tion om stipendie­mulig­­heder og ansøgnings­skema findes her: https://www.acdan.it/da/homepage

Ansøgningsfrist: 13. februar 2023

The Danish Science Festival (in April 2023)

The Danish Science Festival is an annual week-long festival taking place in April. The festival is comprised of more then 700 lectures and events around the country. The festival attract around 70,000 visitors every year.

For further information please see this page.

Three Minutes Thesis competition - win 35,000 DKK

Aarhus University invites all its PhD students to participate in this year’s “Three Minutes Thesis” competition (3MT) 22 March 2023.

Present your PhD project in 3 minutes and win a 35,000 DKK travel grant.

For further information please see the website: https://phd.au.dk/for-current-phd-students/3mt 

NAAF/ NAR Symposium 28–29 September 2023 | Royal Danish Academy

The Nordic Association of Architectural Research and the PhD School at the Royal Danish Academy – Architecture, Design, Conservation, Copenhagen are hereby publishing a call for papers.

The symposium with the title ‘Creation of New Knowledge - Dialogues inside and between Disciplines’ has a focus on 'transdisciplinarity'.

The symposium invites PhD students from the Nordic countries to present and critically reflect on their PhD projects in architecture, how they position themselves within the research context, and in which way such positioning resonates with the discourse of their PhD school and the PhD programs they are enrolled in. It aims to ignite and encourage discussions between students, supervisors, invited guests, and keynote lecturers on the multitude and diversity of current research practices.

Please read more here: https://kglakademi.dk/naarnaf-symposium-2023-nordic-phd-research-architecture

Important dates and deadlines

  • Call for papers: 26 September 2022 (Monday)
  • Abstract deadline: 12 December 2022 (Monday)
  • Full paper: 21 August 2023 (Monday)
  • Symposium: 28–29 September 2023

Fulbright-legater til danske studerende

Fulbright-legater til danske studerende i det akademiske år 2023/2024

Fulbright Denmark uddeler legater til danske kandidat- og ph.d.-studerende, der skal på et selvarrangeret studie/forskningsophold i USA (4-10 månder). Legaterne uddeles i størrelsesforholdet 50.000 kr. for et semester og 100.000 kr. for et helt akademisk år.

Ansøgningsfristen er tirsdag den 14. februar 2023 kl. 12:00 – bemærk venligst, at fristen er tidligere på året end ved forrige legatrunder.

Webinar om legatsøgning og Fulbrights legater
Onsdag d. 9. november 2022 kl. 16-17.30
Tirsdag d. 24. januar 2023 kl. 16-17.30 

For yderligere information se hjemmesiden www.fulbrightcenter.dk eller skrive til info@fulbright.dk.

The Kitchen / Science for Society program

The Kitchen offers AU employees across the University to learn about entrepreneurial competences. This can be in relation to using your research commercially, seeking funding, or gaining tools to discover new value and/or impact opportunities within your research. Read more about The Kitchen here.


You can see all upcoming workshops here. Our 7 weeks spinout program is now called Validate Your Business Model and you can learn more about the program here.

Participation is free, however space is limited so please sign up in advance. Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions all workshops will be held online.


In addition to our pre-arranged workshops and longer programs, we also offer free customized workshops to suit your team’s needs. You can see a full list of our potential offerings below, and feel free to contact us if you have a workshop idea outside of the scheduled program.



If you have any questions, please contact Astrid Høegh Tyrsted at aht@au.dk.

AU Career PhD mentor programme

AU Mentor PhD is an offer to PhD students from all four faculties at Aarhus University (Arts, Business and Social Sciences, Health and Science & Technology). The overall goal of the mentor programme is to bring you and the business community closer together in order to ease your prospective transition from university to a career outside of academia.

The mentors are primarily former PhDs from AU, who are now working outside academia.

From January 2016 the mentor programme will be running once a year with the following deadlines:  

Application deadline: August 15th


October 15th

For more information and registration, check out AU Career PhD's webpage on the mentor programme. 

Career Talks

Are you more interested in a shorter engagement, AU Career PhD also offers Career Talks, which allows you to have a one-time meeting with a PhD profile now working outside academia. For more information, click here. 

GDPR: Personal data and research

If you work with personal data in your research, it is important that you comply with the legislation in this area.  

Please see these pages for further information: 

Become an academic mentor or mentee

Would you like to share your experiences with a researcher colleague and contribute to the continued development of an attractive workplace environment at AU?  Then please see here: https://newsroom.au.dk/en/news/show/artikel/become-an-academic-mentor-or-mentee/ 

Ethical approval of research projects

Research projects are increasingly subject to requirements for ethical approval by the relevant university department. This requirement stems mainly from the EU’s framework programmes and international journals, and relates specifically to projects that collect empirical data and are not covered by the Committees Act on regional scientific ethical committees, which only applies to research projects in the field of health sciences.  

For further information please see this page.

Automated transcription platform (Konch)

Turn audio into text

Konch is an automatic Speech-to-Text service that supports 15 languages including English and Danish.

Please contact the Center for Humanities Computing Aarhus or Kristoffer Laigaard Nielbo (kln@cas.au.dk) if you are interested in the system or have any questions about it.

Evaluation of Konch’s auto-transcription service for Aarhus University Arts

Introduction til NVivo 12

NVivo 12 is a tool for organizing and analyzing qualitative data such as interviews, reports, focusgroups etc. NVivo lets you classify and sort data enabling you to more easily discover connections in contrast to doing it "by hand" or on paper.

NVivo supports most major languages and data formats such as text, sound files, video, digital photos, Word, PDF, Excel etc.

The course will introduce you to:

  • Importing data (hands on examples are done with text)
  • Coding data
  • Working with cases (metadata regarding your units of analysis such as income, age, marital status etc.)
  • Basic queries (searches based on your codes/cases)

Teaching and examples will be done on the PC-version of NVivo but Mac-users are also welcome. The PC version is better and has more features than the Mac-version.

The course will take place in Nobelparken. Depending on attendees it will be held in Danish or English.

For more information and registration please contact:
Lars Jakob Jensen, 9135 6439, ljje@kb.dk

AU Dictionary - AU Translate

AU Communication has launched AU Dictionary, a new university terminology list. AU Dictionary can perform either Danish-English searches or English-Danish searches.

Translate from Danish to English by using AU Translate. AU Translate can be used to translate short texts.

PhD Career Counselling at Aarhus University

AU Career PhD offers career services incl. career counselling for PhD students at Aarhus University.

See this page for further information: http://talent.au.dk/career/

Perspektiver på kvalitet i ph.d.-forløb

Please find the Danish version on this page.

Junior Researchers at Aarhus University

A website for postdocs and assistant professors, including tenure track.

The website provides junior researchers at Aarhus University with information about the many resources and services available, including information on available courses and services to advance their professional development

Please see this page: https://talent.au.dk/for-junior-researchers

Basic principles of PhD education at Aarhus University

Aarhus University insists on academic excellence in PhD education. Academic development, scholarly integrity, societal engagement, and the ability to collaborate are key in PhD education.

For further information about the 5 basic principles please see this page.

Coming to Aarhus (for international students/employees)

For international citizens taking up residence in Aarhus to work or to study.

When you arrive to Denmark, there are a number of things you need to do in order to get settled. On this page you can read more about the steps to go through during your first weeks and months in Denmark: https://internationalstaff.au.dk/onarrival/ 

Find information about living, studying and working as an international in Aarhus on this page: https://international.aarhus.dk/ 

Register your entry to Denmark: https://international.aarhus.dk/coming-to-aarhus/

The official guide to "Life in Denmark": https://lifeindenmark.borger.dk/ 

Digital Welcome to Aarhus University

Watch the Aarhus University digital welcome here: https://medarbejdere.au.dk/en/administration/hr/recruitmentandonboarding/newemployeeatau/digital-welcome-to-aarhus-university/ 

All employees are welcome to access the presentation.

International Staff at AU - Newsletter

A comprehensive newsletter in English targeted to the international staff at AU and their accompanying family members.

The newsletter/mail will contain news related to Aarhus University, upcoming events, general information about life in Aarhus, Danish language courses and related content for members of the Expat Partner Programme.  

Sign up here if your are interested: https://internationalstaff.au.dk/news-and-events/international-staff-newsletter

International Staff Office: Events and activities

The International Staff Ofce at Aarhus University offers international staff and their accompanying families tools, resources and information to help make the experience of  arriving, onboarding, living and working at Aarhus University and in Denmark a positive one.

News and events: https://internationalstaff.au.dk/news-and-events