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The Graduate School

The Graduate School, Arts offers doctoral education for the research disciplines of the faculty of Arts within all areas of the humanities, theology and education studies. The activities of the Graduate School are based at the two campuses of the faculty of Arts in Aarhus and Copenhagen. Research and research training cover both classical humanities disciplines such as classical archaeology and art history as well as new, interdisciplinary research areas such as cognition, IT and international area studies. The Graduate School has extensive research collaboration with public institutions and the private sector.

The head of the Graduate School, Arts is Anne Marie Pahuus. The Graduate School is organized in 8 multi- or interdisciplinary PhD degree programmes, each managed by a programme director. A PhD committee elected by the faculty and PhD students monitors the quality of supervision and programme activities.

The Graduate School of Arts has approximately 220 enrolled PhD students, with around 170 of them at Campus Aarhus and around 50 at Campus Emdrup north of Copenhagen.

The Graduate School is organized in the following eight PhD degree programmes:

The Graduate School offers a three-year PhD programme after obtaining a two-year Master's degree (5+3) and a four-year PhD programme with enrolment after one year of Master's level studies (4+4). In addition, the graduate school offers a three-year business-oriented industrial PhD programme after obtaining a two-year Master’s degree.

Successful applicants for PhD scholarships (4+4 or 5+3) will be employed within the relevant research environment normally placed at the department where the principle supervisor is employed (Campus Aarhus or Campus Emdrup).

For detailed information about application announcements and deadlines please see the open calls of the Graduate School of Arts.