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PhD programme directors

The Graduate School, Arts offers eight PhD programmes, each managed by a PhD programme director.

  • Description of the PhD programme directors’ functions: Danish version

Standing assessment committee

Each PhD programme has a standing assessment committee made up of five experts within the relevant research area. The assessment committees make recommendations concerning the admission of students to the programme and the award of PhD scholarships. The committees must cover the spread of disciplines within the research areas of their respective programmes, and both genders must be represented. Membership of the assessment committees will be changed regularly. The PhD programme director will be the chair of the assessment committee for the programme. The assessment committee will involve relevant experts in the work of assessment. Interviews may be held.

  • Form for the PhD programme director's amendment of the standing assessment committee: Danish version
  • Guide to proposing members for the standing assessment committee: English version
  • Members of the standing assessment committee: English version

Recommendation of a 4+4 applicant that is not already enrolled as a Master’s student at Aarhus University

The recommended 4+4 applicant must meet the entrance requirements for enrolment of both a Master's degree programme and the PhD degree programme. The entrance requirements for the Master’s degree programme is the same for all students (incl. 4+4 students). If the applicant does not fulfil the entrance requirements for the Master’s degree programme, it is not possible to offer enrolment on the 4+4 scheme of the PhD degree programme.

An example from the Academic Regulations for Master’s Degree Programme in Anthropology (2021):

1.3 Admission requirements and prerequisites

The following degree programmes qualify the student for admission to the Master’s degree programme in anthropology:

  • The Bachelor’s degree programme in anthropology (Aarhus University, University of Copenhagen)
  • A Bachelor’s degree programme in the humanities or social sciences containing at least 45 ECTS credits of anthropology courses (cf. comparable courses on the Bachelor’s degree programme in anthropology at Aarhus University), including at least 10 ECTS credits in qualitative method

Other qualifications can provide admission to the Master’s degree programme, provided the university assesses that their level, extent and content correspond to the degrees mentioned above. As a minimum, these must contain:

  • 20 ECTS credits in central anthropological concepts and analysis
  • 10 ECTS credits in an anthropological theme or region
  • 10 ECTS credits in qualitative method

Besides passing the above requirements, the applicant must also obtain a credit transfer of 60-90 ECTS credits for courses taken at Master's level in order to be offered enrolment on the 4+4 scheme of the PhD degree programme.

Assessment of PhD dissertation

Two months prior to submission of the PhD dissertation, the PhD student must inform the PhD programme director and the supervisor of the expected date of submission. 

Before submission of the dissertation the PhD programme director will make recommendations to the graduate school concerning the composition of the assessment committee.

The defence will normally be chaired by the PhD programme director. The PhD programme director may instead nominate another suitable qualified member of the academic staff to chair the defence.

Rules and regulation