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General information

To be enrolled as a PhD student at the Graduate School of Arts you must first and foremost establish the financing of your PhD project.  

In order to be enrolled as a PhD student you must be able to ensure the educational costs as well as an income sufficient to cover the cost of living during the PhD education.

The funding can come from various funding providers:

  • Faculty of Arts
    • Fully funded faculty finaced PhD scholarship/fellowship.

      The grants include a scholarship/salary as well as educational costs (40,000 DKK for travels, programme fee/tuition and overhead). 

  • External funding

    • Fully funded PhD scholarships/fellowships from a private company, foundation, museum, public research programmes etc.
    • An Industrial PhD scholarship provided by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. 
  • Co-funding
    • PhD scholarships/fellowships funded by more than one provider. This could be a collaboration between the Faculty of Arts and your current employer (museum, company etc.) or by two external partners.
  • Self-payment
    • You pay for the 3-year enrolment yourself.

The grants do not cover travel/moving expenses or costs in connection with applying for residence and work permit.