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MA Studies - MA thesis (4+4)

During part A, PhD students must finish accumulating Master's degree qualifications equivalent to 90 ECTS points and also write a thesis equivalent to 30 ETCS points or one or more texts which are together equivalent to a thesis at Master's degree level and thus qualify for the award of a Master's degree of 120 ETCS points.

The Master's degree thesis concludes the degree programme, cf. section 30 (6) of the Degree Programme Order (Danish).

Responsibility for the content of the Master's degree course and for the examinations on this course lies with the relevant board of studies. Responsibility for the overall PhD programme lies with the Graduate School and the PhD Committee.

The Master's degree thesis will be assessed with an external examiner according to the 12-point grading scale. The student is entitled to receive thesis supervision in accordance with the current rules for such thesis.

The texts which are presented for assessment may be draft for one or more of the chapters of the PhD dissertation, other academic texts (e.g. conference papers or working papers), or a number of academic texts connected with the content of the PhD. In making the assessment, account must be taken of the fact that the work may be in the nature of work in progress as a part of the PhD project. To make relationship with the PhD project clear, the project description should be submitted with the work. The principal supervisor will act as examiner for the assessment of the work as a Master's thesis, and as a PhD supervisor for the midway assessment. The assessment of the thesis must be completed before the end of Part A.

For further information please see this page about submission of your Master's thesis during part A.