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Courses for PhD students at Aarhus University


  • Akademisk litteratursøgning m.m. - AU Library Arts' ph.d.-kursus (only in Danish)
    Kursusdage: 15. marts 2023 og 22. marts 2023
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  • Conference Presentations: Preparation and Delivery
    This course aims to provide PhD students with insight into the key characteristics of effective academic oral presentations, as well as with knowledge and tools to develop skills and confidence in communicating research-related material in English. 
    For further information please see this page.

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Courses for all PhD students


  • POL8527 GIS and the Geography of Armed Conflict
    – Applying Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and georeferenced data for Peace and Conflict Research

    As a research tool in the social sciences, GIS has not been used to nearly the same depth relative to applications in natural science, where GIS have a longer history dating back to the late 1960s. With increased availability of spatial data and software, current and future opportunities for the application of GIS in the social sciences are considered tremendous. This course aims to point at some of the many opportunities in managing and combining spatial data, modifying spatial data, and analyzing spatial data, with a focus on applications in peace and conflict research. Whether the research design is based on qualitative or quantitative methods, GIS can provide the researcher with added analytical capabilities. Examples on how GIS can support both qualitative and quantitative methodologies will be given during the course, but with an emphasis on the latter. The course will give students practical skills to manage and analyze spatial data using open-source software such as QGIS and R.

    Apply by 1 March 2023.

    The course will take place at NTNU Trondheim on 5-9 June 2023.

    For more information see the webpage: https://www.ntnu.edu/iss/pol8527
  • Political regimes: Developments, Typologies and Consequences
    In June PRIO is offering a new PhD level course: Political regimes: Developments, Typologies and Consequences.

    Apply by 28 February 2023 using this link: https://www.peaceconflictresearch.org/Courses/Course/?x=1159

    This course on Political regimes is designed to introduce students to the social scientific study of political regimes. We will start by discussing definitions of institutions and regimes and investigate patterns in regime frequencies over time across the globe. We will then venture into regime change, why regimes collapse, and why new regimes are designed the way they are. Finally, we will discuss the economic consequences of different political regimes, and whether and how the choice of political institutions affects human welfare.  The class will focus broadly on differences between autocratic and democratic rule, also highlighting the development of what we call hybrid regimes. The course will maintain a focus on philosophy of science when discussing these theoretical issues and challenge the students to reflect on how we can generate systematic knowledge about social phenomenon.

    The class will combine statistical trends and patterns with detailed descriptions of country-cases. We encourage participants to share insight about the political system of countries they know particularly well. The course will be led by Haakon Gjerløw.

    We will also have guest lecturers to teach us on particular cases or topics. For example, Professor Scott Gates will hold a guest lecture on the political system of USA.

    N.B. For participants who submit an approved essay after the course we consider this course to be the equivalent of 5 ECTS. However, since PRIO is not a crediting granting institution you must get formal approval from your host institution. Combining the reading list, course description and diploma is usually adequate.
  • International Mediation: Theory, Cases and Skills
    On 12-16 2023 June PRIO will host the course “International Mediation: Theory, Cases and Skills”. 

    International Mediation is a key political tool for preventing and ending violent conflict, yet it is a field where practitioners and researchers do not adequately engage with each other. In this course we rectify that by discussing state-of-the-art research and engaging with practitioners with tried and tested experience in the field.

    The Course will cover academic, policy and practitioner perspectives on international mediation. It will review the scholarly literature, explore relevant theories, and learn from senior mediation practitioners. The participants will also develop skills in conflict analysis, strategic planning for peacemaking, and mediating agreements between conflict parties. 

    The course is organized in collaboration with the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies and PRIO.

    This is a PhD level course. Preference will be given to applicants who are currently registered for a PhD, have recently completed a PhD, or have extensive practitioner experience.

    The course will take place in-person.

    Application deadline: 26 March 2023

    For more information and the application form see here: https://www.peaceconflictresearch.org/Courses/Course/?x=1161