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Application material


Personal statement of reasons for the application. The applicant must briefly state his/her considerations regarding personal development, career and plans for the future of relevance in participating in the suggested PhD programme.

The motivation must not exceed one standard A4 page of 2,400 characters including spaces otherwise the application will be rejected.

Other information to consider

Are there any specific circumstances you wish to be considered?

Please upload the Credit application form here if any, see "Credit transfer on top of admission level (Months)" under "Admission".

Do NOT upload your BA or MA diploma or transcript under “Other information to consider”. All relevant diplomas/transcripts of records/diploma supplements (BA and MA) must be uploaded as one PDF file under "Diploma and transcripts of records".

Do NOT upload the form for the timetable under “Other information to consider”.  You must save your project description, list of project literature and mandatory timetable in one PDF file and upload it under "Project description".

Other information to consider: Comments

This field is for information you consider to be relevant to your application.

Do not upload the timetable or diplomas/transcripts of records/diplomas supplements in this field. The timetable must be included in the same file as the project description and the diplomas/transcripts of records/diplomas supplement for both your Bachelor's degree and your Master's degree must be uploaded under "Diploma and transcripts of records" (as one PDF file with all information on your degrees).

Unless otherwise indicated in the call please do not upload your Master's thesis or writing samples to your application.

How did this call come to your attention?

How did you become aware of this call? Please enter the source.