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Application facility

Please read the call and guide before filling out the application form!

Applying via call (open or specific calls)

Find the link for the application facility in the call you are interested in. See the section "Application" and click on the link "application form in Aarhus University’s web-based facility" in the call.

In the screenshot in the right column you can see examples of the open call and 3 specific calls (Image 1). Choose the call you are interested in and click on the link.

You may only send one application per call (that includes the open call).

Please make sure that you have chosen the correct call. The screen shot to the right is of a specific calls (Image 2).
It is your own responsibility to make sure that you have applied for the correct call.

Open call: 
When applying for the open call, you must choose the relevant PhD programme, in order to have full access to the application form.
You may only apply for one of the PhD programmes.

Specific call:
Click on the link "Please apply online here" for open the application form (Image 3).

If you have applied for the wrong call you must contact Bettina H. Acthon (acthon@au.dk) before the application deadline.