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Calculating seniority (5+3)

Your salary seniority is calculated based on relevant jobs after your Master's degree was awarded. Only employments that required a Master’s degree in order for you to get the job count as seniority. Employments before the degree was awarded are not relevant.

No seniority
If you do not have any relevant jobs after your Master's degree was awarded you will be placed on salary level 4 which is a 2 year level. After 2 years of employment as a PhD fellow you will be placed on salary level 5.

Calculating seniority

Your salary seniority is only given for the periods where you were employed in jobs which were based on you having a Master's degree.

Jobs as a postal worker or check-out assistant do not generate any seniority.

Your salary seniority cannot start any earlier than the month after you completed your Master’s degree.

If the degree was awarded on 18 January 2022, your salary seniority will be calculated starting on 1 February 2022.

Your salary seniority is calculated starting on the first day of the month and it is always comprised of whole months.

Part-time employment
Relevant hourly-paid employments of at least eight working hours per week count as seniority if they had a consecutive duration of at least three months.

If the number of working hours are 8-14 hours per week on average, half salary seniority is awarded.

You were employed for 12 hours per week for 4 months. This means that you will get seniority for 2 months.

If you have had more than one part-time job during the same period, the weekly hours can be added up.

Job 1: 1.2.2021 - 31.5.2021 - 8 hours per week.
Job 2: 1.3.2021 - 31.8.2021 - 12 hours per week
Half seniority: 1.2.2021 - 28.2.2021 (½ month)
Full seniority: 1.3.2021 - 31.5.2021 (3 months)
Half seniority: 1.6.2021 - 31.8.2021 (1½ month)
Total: 5 months

Full-time employment
Full salary seniority is awarded for relevant employments of at least 15 hours per week.

Salary seniority from another authority
The graduate school is not bound by the increased salary seniority that you may have received from another appointing authority.

See the Collective agreement (Danish version, §8 Lønanciennitet).



The Master’s degree was obtained on 27.6.2018 which means that the salary seniority starts on 1.7.2018. The problem is that the job as Research Assistant started before the degree was obtained. Salary seniority is only awarded for jobs which depend on the Master’s education. If the tasks in the job description changed after the degree was obtained he/she will get half salary seniority for July-September 2018. If the tasks were the same before and after the Master’s degree was obtained the job does not count as salary seniority. The two other jobs gives him/her full seniority for October 2018 – March 2019 and for June-August 2019.