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General information

To be enrolled as a PhD student at the Graduate School of Arts you must first and foremost establish the financing of your PhD project.

There are two different ways of financing:

  • a faculty scholarship from the Faculty of Arts and
  • external financing where your PhD education is paid by another stakeholder such as a private company, a foundation, a museum etc.

There are also mixed types of financing such as the so-called co-financed scholarships where one part is paid by Aarhus University and the other part is paid by another cooperation partner.

In order to be enrolled as a PhD student you must be able to ensure the educational costs as well as an income sufficient to cover the cost of living during the PhD education.

PhD scholarships/fellowships funded by the Faculty of Arts

At the Faculty of Arts there are two different types of PhD grants. Your previous education decides which type of scholarship/fellowship you can apply for:

  • The 3-year PhD fellowships which you are enrolled in after completing a MA
  • The 4-year PhD scholarships which you are enrolled in after completing a BA and 60 ECTS of a master's programme.

For further information on the PhD degree structure please see this page.

The grants include a scholarship/salary as well as educational costs (programme fee/tuition and overhead). Both of the PhD degree programmes are implemented in accordance with the Ministerial Order on the PhD Course of Study and on the PhD Degree (no. 1039 of 27 August 2013).

The grants do not cover travel/moving expenses or costs in connection with applying for residence and work permit.


Twice a year the graduate school will call for applications on this page.

Enrolment with external funding

You must be able to prove that you have the full funding before you apply for enrolment.

The funding could come from:

  • a grant from a foundation, public research programmes etc.
  • a so-called Industrial PhD scholarship provided by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation
  • a collaboration between the Faculty of Arts and your employer (museum, company etc.): Danish form or
  • self-payment. You pay for the PhD programme yourself.

Costs of enrolment

You can find the costs of enrolment on this page.

Try this Danish calculator for enrolment costs (salary, programme fee programme fee and overhead)!

If you have any questions regarding the financing of your PhD education, please contact the Graduate School, Arts.


When you have the full funding and you are ready to apply for enrolment please contact the PhD administrator at the PhD programme you want to be affiliated in order to get a direct link to the application facility. You cannot apply for enrolment before you have received the grant for the whole duration of the enrolment.