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English language requirements

All applicants must document English language qualifications comparable to an 'English B level' in the Danish upper secondary school ('gymnasium').

Your qualifications MUST be documented by uploading one of the documents seen below. All other kinds of documentation are invalid.

If your documentation does not fall within one of the exceptions listed below, you must enclose a test (see the list below). Applications without valid documentation will be rejected.

The test result CANNOT be submitted after the application deadline.

We DO NOT grant exemptions from the English language requirements.

See our FAQ page (Academic background and Admission - Language skills) if you have any questions.

Danish upper secondary school

  • Diploma from Danish upper secondary school ('gymnasiebevis'). The diploma must state B level in English.

    Do you have an old diploma from Danish upper secondary without a level in English please see this "Oversigt over niveaubetegnelser" from 2011.

    Applicants with a Danish degree (HF/STX) similar to the Danish upper secondary school ('gymnasium') can get their qualifications assessed if the diploma does not state that English was taught on B level. Please see this page: Individuel Kompetencevurdering (IKV)

Language tests (TOEFL, IELTS and Cambridge)

English language qualifications comparable to an 'English B level' in Denmark can be documented as follows:

    English B = Test result of at least 560 (paper-based) or 83 (internet-based).
    • The paper-based test must have a "total score". 
      From 2019 Aarhus University no longer accepts the paper-based test.
    • Aarhus University does not accept the TOEFL ITP test.
    • The Aarhus University TOEFL code is 8935.
      Please see this page about registering for TOEFL test

  • IELTS:
    English B = IELTS Academic test result of at least 6.5 points.
    • From 2020 the 6.5 score must be equivalent of C1 level on your test result. 6.5 score / B2 level is no longer accepted.
    • Please see this page about registering for IELTS test

  • Cambridge ESOL examinations
    English B = Cambridge English Advanced (grades A, B or C) or Cambridge English First (grade A) or 180 points as a minimum on the Cambridge English Scale.

    The grade must be within the blue area:
    • Applicants must upload their Confirmation of Entry stating candidate ID number and candidate secret number, which are not stated on the test result itself.

  • CEFR validated English language course
    English B = C1 level.
    • From 2019 Aarhus University no longer accepts the C1 level as sole documentation. We refer to the other types of possible documentation.

In addition, the following applies:

  • The test result must not be more than two years old at the time of application. 
    Does not apply to the diploma from a Danish upper secondary school ('gymnasium').
  • You must upload your test result to your application through the application portal.
  • Both IELTS and TOEFL are offered in Denmark. Students already residing in Aarhus (e.g. current exchange students, who must also document their English language qualifications when applying for a full degree programme) should be aware that TOEFL is specifically offered in Aarhus. Aarhus University no longer offers an institutional TOEFL test (ITP), which is also not accepted from other applicants.

Applicants exempt from submitting an English test

  • ”Native speakers” with an English language qualifying exam (including applicants with a qualifying examination from USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Scotland, or Ireland). 

    Just upload your high-school diploma/Upper Secondary School Leaving Examination, English language Bachelor’s or a Master's degree as proof.  

    Please note that applicants with a qualifying examination from all other countries (including African and Asian countries, where the exam has been taught in English) must submit a test.

  • Applicants holding a Danish/Nordic/Duborg/International Baccalaureate (from the IB diploma programme)/European Baccalaureate (from the “ScholaEuropaea”) entrance examination with an English level which is considered comparable to a Danish B level in English by the Danish Agency for International Education. See a comparison of the Nordic subject levels

    Please note: This overview is updated once a year in the beginning of March and changes may be announced shortly before the application deadline. 

  • Applicants with a complete high-school diploma/Upper Secondary School Leaving Examination, English language Bachelor’s or a Master's degree from USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Scotland or Ireland. The applicant must document that the programme was taught in English.

  • Applicants with a completed (professional) Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from a Danish Educational Institution to which a Danish B level in English (‘English B’) was a requirement at the time of admission. The applicant must document that the admission requirement was B level in English.