How to apply

Guidelines for the online application form

PhD Project Descriptions

Forms for the online application

  • Timetable
    Mandatory attachment to the project description: English version
    Although the form for the timetable is in English you are still allowed to write the project description in Danish.
  • Credit transfer (5+3 scheme)
    The estimated duration of the PhD degree programme is 3 years of full-time study. The form is used for specific activities relevant to the PhD project for which you would like to receive credits: English version
  • Form for particularly costly equipment, extended study periods abroad, tuition, etc.
    If the costs exceeds the amounts stated in the guidelines you must make a budget of the costs on this form: English version - Danish version

Forms when applying with external funding

  • Full financed PhD scholarships
    PhD scholarships with full external funding for the entire PhD programme of study
  • Co-financed scholarships
    PhD scholarships where one part of the enrolment/employment is paid by Aarhus University and the other part is paid by another cooperation partner.
  • Employment at Aarhus University
    The form is used if the PhD student is going to be employed by Aarhus University