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How to apply (guidelines and forms)

PhD Project Descriptions

Forms for the online application

Timetable (mandatory)

The timetable is a mandatory attachment to the project description: English version
Although the form for the timetable is in English you are still allowed to write the project description in Danish if the calls is in Danish.

Credit transfer (5+3 scheme)

The estimated duration of the PhD degree programme is 3 years of full-time study. The form is used for specific activities relevant to the PhD project for which you would like to receive credits: English version

Form for particularly costly equipment, extended study periods abroad, tuition, etc.

If the costs exceeds the amounts stated in the guidelines you must make a budget of the costs on this form: English version - Danish version 

Forms when applying with external funding

Besides the forms under the section "Forms for the online application" there are some other forms you must upload to your application when applying with external funding.

Full financed PhD fellowships/scholarships

PhD fellowships/scholarships with full external funding (salary, travel expenses, programme fee/tuition and overhead) for the entire PhD programme of study.

Co-financed PhD fellowships/scholarships

PhD fellowships/scholarships where one part of the enrolment/employment is paid by Aarhus University and the other part is paid by another cooperation partner.

Employment at Aarhus University

The form must be used if the PhD student is going to be employed by Aarhus University.

Before sending your application

Preparing for the application

  • Read the Guideline for electronic application at Arts and FAQ before you fill out the application form.
  • Save all mandatory attachments as PDF. Do not lock the PDF files
    Please unlock any locked files such as TEOFL or IELTS test results before uploading them to the application. 

    The mandatory attachments MUST be included in the application otherwise the application will be rejected. For further information on which documents are mandatory when you apply for the 4+4 or the 5+3 scheme please see the guideline and FAQ.

Link to the electronic application facility

You can find the link for the application form in the bottom of each call. See this guideline: How to find the application form

It is your responsibility to make sure that you have applied for the correct call.

Capital letters

Please refrain from writing your whole name and project title with block capital letters in the application form.

Tablet or Smartphone

You cannot send your application from a Tablet or Smartphone. Please send your application from a computer.

Errors when sending your application

Credit transfer must be 0 or a positive integer

If you get this error "Credit transfer must be 0 or a positive integer" when you try to send your application. Please make sure that you have entered '0' in the box "Credit transfer on top of admission level (Months)".

Fill out the box before you choose "Applying for 4+4" because the credit box will disappear when you choose 4+4.

If you have already chosen 4+4 please choose 5+3 and enter "0" in the box. Then choose 4+4 again and continue filling out the application form.

If there are no particular expenses, please just enter 0

If you get this error "If there are no particular expenses, please just enter 0" when you try to send your application. Please make sure that you have entered '0' in the box "Total budget in DKK for particular expenses" and left the box "Indicate sources and amounts of possible financial support, if any" blank.

Cannot send application

If you cannot send your application there are a few things you can try that might help:

  • Try sending the application using another browser.
  • If your attached PDF files are very large you may get a timeout when you try to send the application. Try reducing the size of your PDF files.
  • The system might be overloaded for a short while which means that you might be able to send your application if you try again later.

If you still cannot send your application you must contact us immediately (and before the application deadline)Do not wait until after the deadline.

If the problem occurs in good time before the application deadline (or within normal office hours (Monday-Thursday 08:00-15:00 and Friday 08:00-13:00) on the day of the application deadline) please contact Bettina H. Acthon (acthon@au.dk) with a description of the problem incl. screen shots of the error you get on the screen.

If the problem occurs close to the deadline (and outside normal office hours (Monday-Thursday 08:00-15:00 and Friday 08:00-13:00) on the day of the application deadline) you may send Bettina H. Acthon (acthon@au.dk) a copy of the complete application form you have filled out on the screen incl. all your attached documents (PDF files). Your e-mail must be sent before the application deadline!  
  Do not send the information from your application form as screen shots! We must be able to copy the text from each field and insert the text in the application form. 
  Please also include a screen shot of the error as documentation of your problem.

The Graduate School does not grant an exemption of the application deadline due to problems with your own computer or internet connection.

The application will be evaluated on the basis of the documents received electronically before the application deadline. 

Adding/replacing documents

Please check your application before you press “Send”. From September 2019 it is no longer possible to check the application after it has been sent because the link to the application in the return receipt (e-mail) will be removed due to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Before the deadline

If you suspect you have made an error in the application or uploaded the wrong document you need to fill out and send a whole new and complete application (before the application deadline). We will assess the application received last and automatically delete the first one when we find two applications from you to the same call.

Please see the FAQ for further information.

After the deadline

Unfortunately we cannot help you after the application deadline.

The only document that may be sent after the application deadline is your Master's diploma if you apply for a 5+3 fellowship.