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Industrial PhD projects at Arts, Aarhus University

Learn about some of the Industrial PhD projects at the Graduate School of Arts, Aarhus University.


Which kind of employee culture are we about to create? How does practice connect with our human and commercial ideals?

Matias Møl Dalsgaard, Industrial PhD at Aarhus University 2008-2011.

In collaboration with PenSam Liv Matias Møl Dalsgaard studied what a sustainable work culture looks like, and how we arrange our work life to make it function in the long run – both for the employee and the employer?

The experience of absurdity and pointlessness covers the presence of an abundance of diverging purposes that prevent each other from fulfilling.

Nina Holm Vohnsen, Industrial PhD at Aarhus University 2008-2011.

In collaboration with the cross-ministerial innovation unit MindLab Nina Holm Vohnsen studied how to qualify the development of public services, particularly the employment programmes? The project followed the preliminary phases and the implementation of a controlled attempt within the area of sickness benefit, and was completed in 2011.

Creative breakthroughs in industrial design take place between chaos and structure

Jamie Wallace, Industrial PhD fellow at Aarhus University 2007- 2010.

As a PhD fellow at Aarhus University Jamie Wallace collaborated with the company CPH Design on the hitherto most profound ethnographic study of engineers’ and designers’ work with innovative, industrial design.

Read more about Jamie Wallaces Industrial PhD project (in Danish).



Industrial PhD at Aarhus University

An Industrial PhD is a three-year industrially focused research project and PhD education which is carried out in collaboration between a company, an Industrial PhD candidate and a university.

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Industrial PhD in the public sector

Public institutions may also apply for approval of an Industrial PhD project in cooperation with Aarhus University.

You can find the Guidelines for Industrial PHD on the Innovation Fund Denmark's website.

Industrial Researcher

Aarhus University's folder Industrial Researcher - A close collaboration between company and university: