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Thesis/Dissertation seminar

In connection with the semi-annual evaluation 12 months before the end of the period of enrolment on the PhD programme, a dissertation/thesis seminar will be arranged at which the PhD student must present an outline of the planned dissertation, including selected written examples of the basic hypotheses, theories and methods. The outline will be critically discussed among the PhD student, principal supervisor, and expert senior researchers. The dissertation/thesis seminar may be arranged by the department or in connection with an event at a Danish or foreign institution. The dissertation/thesis seminar may form part of the background for the semi-annual evaluation. The principal supervisor is, in close dialogue with the PhD student, responsible for contacting the PhD programme/research programme/department to organise the dissertation/thesis seminar. Opponents at dissertation/thesis seminars are at later point allowed to be part of the committee that will be assessing the final PhD dissertation.  

Guidelines for dissertation/thesis seminars (feedback for PhD students) at the Graduate School, Arts - Memo