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PhD plan

Research and study plan (PhD plan)

One of your first tasks as a PhD student is to produce a research and study plan, which is known as the PhD plan.

Developed in cooperation with your supervisor, this plan describes the course of your PhD degree studies and your research. It is an important tool that ensures that you will fulfil the demands of the degree programme and finish your project on time.

As a part of your application to the PhD degree programme, you developed a preliminary PhD plan. Within three months of beeing admitted to the PhD degree programme, you must submit a finalized version of your PhD plan in the IT system PhD Planner. 

The following semi-annual evaluations must be made in the same system (PhD Planner). Once your plan is entered, you must send it to your supervisor for approval who subsequently sends it to the PhD programme director for the final approval. Changes and additions to the PhD plan are entered and approved at the next semi-annual evaluation.  

4+4, part B: A revised PhD plan/time schedule for the last 2 years of enrolment as a PhD student must be a part of your last evaluation before transition to part B.

For further information please about the PhD plan please see Guidelines for the PhD degree programme at Graduate School of Arts, section 4.1. "The PhD Plan" (English version - Danish version).


According to the PhD Order the plan must contain the following:

Time schedule

All plan elements in PhD Planner must be considered as a part of your time schedule. Both future, planned and completed courses, departmental work, lengthy research stay at a foreign institution ect. must be a part of your plan in PhD Planner. 
    You may also upload your revised time schedule from your application for enrolment/scholarship under the plan element "PhD Project" but it does not replace the information in the plan elements.

Agreement of supervision

The signed form must be uploaded to the plan element "Supervision agreement" (Danish version - English version).

Plan of the PhD project

Your overall PhD project and changes to the project must be accounted for and their reasons explained under the plan element "PhD Project".
    You may also upload your revised project description from your application for enrolment/scholarship under this plan element.

Plan for PhD courses

List your present and future courses and any other activities generating ECTS credits, i.e. participation in seminars under the plan element "PhD courses". It is your main supervisor who allocates the number of ECTS points for each course.

Plan of stays in other research environments, including stays abroad

List your stays at institutions outside Aarhus University incl. stays abroad under the plan element "Research environment".

Achievement of teaching experience and/or other kinds of communication of knowledge

List your types of dissemination and upload the form for PhD students' work at the department under the plan element "Dissemination".

Agreements on copyright if relevant

List any agreements about the rights to any data material that has been collected under the plan element "IPR agreement (Intellectual Property Right)".

Plan of financing

You do not have access the plan element "Financing plan".

Other activities in the PhD plan

The plan element "Other activities" is not a part of the PhD Order but here you must state the following:

  • the date of the midway assessment (only 4+4)
  • have you started working on the manuscript for the dissertation (number of pages)?
  • is the PhD dissertation a monograph or series of shorter papers?
  • seminars/conferences which is not equivalent of participation in courses and therefore does not generate any ECTS credits

Please see the Comprehensive guide to the PhD Planner for further information about the plan elements.

Research projects that involve personal data

It is important that research projects that involve personal data are registered internally at AU. For further information please see this page: English version - Danish version.