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ECTS points for courses, conferences and seminars

PhD courses must be completed corresponding to approximately 30 ECTS points in total. PhD courses taken must be relevant to the PhD student's research project, training or prospective career.

Participation in PhD courses must be planned in cooperation with the principal supervisor. The principal supervisor determines how many ECTS points the PhD student will be awarded for each course in which the student has participated.

Normally, 1 ECTS point is considered equivalent to 25 hours of work, including preparation time etc. To a limited extent, ECTS points may be awarded for participation in academic conferences, if the outcome is considered equivalent to the outcome form participating in a PhD course. A maximum of 10 of the 30 ECTS points required may be earned in this way. Participation in PhD workshops, master classes or the like specifically  aimed at PhD students, including occasions where these events are organised in connection with conferences, are awarded ECTS points as for participation in PhD courses.

For further information please see Rules for the PhD Programme at the Graduate School, Arts.