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Travel Funding

If your are funded extermally

If you are a PhD student with external funding, you should generally settle your travelling expenses via your external project number and NOT via the graduate school’s travel project number. If you need any further information about how to settle your travel expenses, please ask the grant recipient for the external project in question or the Arts Finance department.

How to manage travel expenses

The ordinary travel grant (DKK 30,000) is granted to help PhD students carry out the PhD plan, and can be used to cover travel expenses pursuant to the rules outlined in these guidelines.

Ordinary travel grant

Total or partial coverage of expenses for travels and studies abroad, courses, participation in seminars and conferences etc., which are necessary for a PhD student’s completion of the PhD degree programme, can be provided.

Up to 30,000 DKK for the full period of enrolment (corresponding to three years of full time study = three year full-time equivalent) has been earmarked for such purpose. If the period of enrolment does not correspond to three year full-time equivalent (e.g. in the case of credit transfer), the grant will be reduced accordingly. Part A of the 4+4 scheme equals one full-time equivalent (two years of enrolment).

Both the department and the PhD student are responsible for not exceeding the earmarked amount – up to 30,000 DKK.

Please note that externally employed PhD students and co-financed PhD students are only covered by these regulations, if the education "taxameter" contains travel funding. In connection with the enrolment in a PhD degree programme, the PhD student in question will be informed whether the regulations applies to him/her.

In exceptional cases, additional funding can be granted from the graduate school.

PhD students (4+4 and 5+3 scheme) do not get a per diem (time-/dagpenge) to cover their expenses. However PhD students employed at the Faculty of Arts (4+4 part B and 5+3) may get their documented food expenses covered for short stays in connection to conferences/seminars etc. Please see the Guidelines on how to manage travel expenses.

Extra travel funding from the graduate school

In exceptional cases, travel funds beyond the ordinary travel grant for total or partial coverage of expenses for travels and tuition fees which are necessary for a PhD student’s completion of the PhD degree programme, can be provided from the graduate school.

You may only apply for extra grants if you can prove that you have applied for external financing from foundations or other sources.

The extra travel funding is managed by the graduate school. PhD students can apply for extra travel funding, if their travel account (up to 30,000 DKK) is about to expire. Applications can be submitted well in advance.

The application is submitted to the graduate school (please use separate application form: Danish form / English form) as soon as possible and no later than one month before the travel takes place.