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Guidelines on how to manage travel expenses

PhD students employed at the Faculty of Arts are given a maximum credit of DKK 30,000, covering their entire project period, unless other specific agreements were made on their registration/appointment. This credit is granted to help PhD students carry out the PhD plan, and can be used to cover travel expenses pursuant to the rules outlined below.


The graduate school only covers extraordinary expenses (for special equipment, for instance) if the school receives an application for such equipment and has awarded a specific grant. The grant letter must be uploaded in RejsUd when settling expenses, or shown to the department secretary, who is helping you to make bookings or settle accounts. Further information about RejsUd is available at: https://medarbejdere.au.dk/administration/oekonomi/menu2/rejsud/ 

Please ask your department secretariat for help in gaining access to RejsUd, or for any other information you may require.

Travel expenses

The graduate school covers travel expenses using the cheapest form of travel and in accordance with Aarhus University’s travel regulations.

Please contact your department secretariat when you need to order trips, gain access to CWT and order credit cards. Please note that credit cards and CWT access are not granted to PhD students enrolled on part A of the 4+4 scheme. These students should ask their department secretariat for help to book trips. Travel expenses can be settled in IndFak/or RejsUd. For more information, please see: medarbejdere.au.dk/administration/oekonomi/

Course fees

In accordance with the approved PhD plan, the graduate school covers any course fee for external courses in DK that are not covered by the agreement of the Danish universities regarding PhD courses: http://phd.arts.au.dk/courses/   

Conferences, courses and seminars

Short stays (max. five days): Conferences, courses and seminars which have been approved in the PhD plan. Expenses must observe the following rules: http://medarbejdere.au.dk/en/administration/finance/travel-booking-and-expense-reimbursement/book-hotel/

Reasonable, documented expenses for meals (max. 5 days), but no more than those specified in the current rules for public servants covering transport expenses and unemployment benefit. Expenses must be entered in the RejsUd system in the form of expense settlements ('Udgiftsafregning').

Long-term trips

Changes of research environment/study periods abroad, min. 2-3 months

Documented expenses for accommodation corresponding to 14 days, but no more than the amount available for hotels: http://medarbejdere.au.dk/administration/oekonomi/rejsebestilling-og-udgiftsafregning/hotel/

Meals and other similar expenses are not covered for long-term trips.

Expenses must be entered in the RejsUd system in the form of expense settlements ('Udgiftsafregning').

The GSA recommends that PhD students contact the tax authorities, who can provide advice about any tax exemptions in connection with the need to pay double rent.

Applications for external funding

AU’s Research Support Office offers a range of advice and tools to help you with your application: http://medarbejdere.au.dk/en/administration/researchandtalent/research-support/advice-and-tools-for-your-grant-proposal/

Application for extra grants from the graduate school

If the DKK 30,000 does not cover your entire project period, you are entitled to apply for an extra travel grant. However, you must have applied for external funding first. You will find the application form at the bottom of the graduate school’s website: http://phd.arts.au.dk/rules-and-forms/formsandtemplates/   

How to settle travel expenses/visits/course fees

You will need certain account numbers in RejsUd or IndFak. Please require for this information at your department secretariat or ask your PhD programme administrator: http://phd.arts.au.dk/about-us/contact/   

Please keep an updated account of your expenses on a regular basis.

If you are in any doubt about whether your expenses can be covered by the graduate school, please feel free to contact your PhD programme administrator: http://phd.arts.au.dk/about-us/contact/ 

The above guidelines have been revised in August 2016.