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Research Integrity and Ethics

The PhD course in research integrity and ethics is offered three times a year: twice in Danish and once in English. We have already scheduled the courses for this year. This means that it is possible to get an overview of whether the courses are in English/Danish, and not least, which subject areas are represented by the course instructors.  This is a faculty-based course, and we strive to address ethics across the faculty’s various subject areas, though more philosophy teachers are represented as they have the expertise in ethics. In addition, a number of other subject areas among the teachers. Having said that, however, some of the subject compositions might be more relevant for some of you than others. Please be aware that registration for the courses operates on a first-come, first-served basis and we can therefore not guarantee that you will receive a place on your desired course. All courses will be placed in Aarhus.

The courses in 2022 looks like this:

  • Jette Kofoed (child research and media research) is course instructor on every course together with Morten Dige and Finn Olesen 
  • May/June: Jette Kofoed (child research and media research), Line Dalsgård, (anthropology), Morten Dige (philosophy), Casper Andersen (philosophy of science/post-colonial theory) (in English) 
  • August/September: Finn Olesen (information studies), Hans Fink (philosophy), Iram Khawaja (social psychology/minority research), Nina Koefoed (history), Jette Kofoed (child research and media research) (in Danish)
  • November/December: Finn Olesen (information studies), Rubina Raja (archaeology), Hans Fink (philosophy), Lotte Meinert (anthropology), Jette Kofoed (child research and media research) (in Danish)