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This site provides you with all the information a PhD student may need - from Rules and regulations (Illness / Parental leave) and Forms to finding your Payroll case managerPhD programme administrator or PhD programme director.

Below you may find information about workshops, summer schools and other useful links.


Your research could change the world. Impact is the new research excellence. If you are working on an idea or an interesting research project/invention and want to explore how it can create impact, we can help you.

See the fall programme here.

Born-Digital Archives: A Practical Introduction

A bespoke research workshop and networking event in partnership with the British Library.

When: Monday September 2nd 2019, 10.30am - 4.00pm
Where: The British Library, St Pancras, London 

For further information please see this page.   

Oslo Summer School in Comparative Social Science Studies 2019

Join us this summer at the University in Oslo to elevate your knowledge in research methods and social science! The Oslo Summer School in Comparative Social Science Studies 2019 offers PhD courses that aim to cover all of the academic disciplines within the social sciences.

Below you find a listing of the courses, further details and application procedures are found here: https://www.sv.uio.no/english/research/phd/summer-school/courses-2019/

PhD courses 22 - 26 July 2019:

  • The Return of Nationalism, Professor Craig Calhoun, Arizona State University, USA
  • Case Study Research Methods, Professor Andrew Bennett, Georgetown University, USA
  • Inequality and Democracy, Professor David Samuels, University of Minnesota, USA
  • Globalization, Education, and Comparative Policy Studies, Professor Gita Steiner-Khamsi, Columbia University, New York, USA and Professor Antoni Verger, Autonomous University, Barcelona, Spain

PhD courses 29 July - 2 August 2019:

  • Experimental Ethnography: Designs, Tactics, Collaborations, Professor Kim Fortun, University of California, Irvine, USA
  • Feminist Political Ecology: New Spaces of Engagement for Environmental Futures
  • Mixed and Merged Methods: Toward a Methodological Pluralism, Professor Giampietro Gobo, University of Milan, Italy
  • Collecting and Analyzing Big Data, Associate Professor Neal Caren, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA
  • Revisiting welfare capitalism in the Nordics: from Middle Way models to Neoliberal Experimentation? Professor Jenny Andersson, CNRS, MaxPo, Sciences Po, Paris and Professor Klaus Petersen, Danish Centre for Welfare Studies, University of Southern Denmark

Det Danske Institut for Videnskab og Kunst i Rom (foråret 2020)

Forskere indenfor alle grene af viden­ska­ben, kunstnere indenfor alle kunst­ar­ter, arkitekter, musikere og forfattere kan nu søge studie­op­hold på Det Danske Institut i Rom i for­året 2020.

Instituttet har til huse i Kay Fiskers for­nemme bygning fra 1967 og ligger i Borghese-parken, få minutters gang fra Piazza del Popolo og Roms centrum (se www.acdan.it).

Som stipendiat på Det Danske Institut deltager du i et internationalt for­sker- og kunstnermiljø. Du får adgang til by­ens enestående ressourcer i form af muse­er, monumenter, biblioteker, ar­­­ki­ver m.m. Husets personale står til rådig­hed med hjælp og vejledning.

Informa­tion om stipendie­mulig­­heder og ansøgnings­skema findes her:

Ansøgningsfrist: 16. september 2019

AU Career PhD mentor programme

AU Mentor PhD is an offer to PhD students from all four faculties at Aarhus University (Arts, Business and Social Sciences, Health and Science & Technology). The overall goal of the mentor programme is to bring you and the business community closer together in order to ease your prospective transition from university to a career outside of academia.

The mentors are primarily former PhDs from AU, who are now working outside academia.

From January 2016 the mentor programme will be running once a year with the following deadlines:  

Application deadline: August 15th


October 15th

For more information and registration, check out AU Career PhD's webpage on the mentor programme. 

Career Talks

Are you more interested in a shorter engagement, AU Career PhD also offers Career Talks, which allows you to have a one-time meeting with a PhD profile now working outside academia. For more information, click here. 

Introduction til NVivo 12

NVivo 12 is a tool for organizing and analyzing qualitative data such as interviews, reports, focusgroups etc. NVivo lets you classify and sort data enabling you to more easily discover connections in contrast to doing it "by hand" or on paper.

NVivo supports most major languages and data formats such as text, sound files, video, digital photos, Word, PDF, Excel etc.

The course will introduce you to:

  • Importing data (hands on examples are done with text)
  • Coding data
  • Working with cases (metadata regarding your units of analysis such as income, age, marital status etc.)
  • Basic queries (searches based on your codes/cases)

Teaching and examples will be done on the PC-version of NVivo but Mac-users are also welcome. The PC version is better and has more features than the Mac-version.

The course will take place in Nobelparken. Depending on attendees it will be held in Danish or English.

For more information and registration please contact:
Lars Jakob Jensen, 9135 6439, ljje@kb.dk

AU Dictionary - AU Translate

AU Communication has launched AU Dictionary, a new university terminology list. AU Dictionary can perform either Danish-English searches or English-Danish searches.

Translate from Danish to English by using AU Translate. AU Translate can be used to translate short texts.

PhD Career Counselling at Aarhus University

AU Career PhD offers career services incl. career counselling for PhD students at Aarhus University.

See this page for further information: http://talent.au.dk/career/

Perspektiver på kvalitet i ph.d.-forløb

Please find the Danish version on this page.

Get your message across – media training for AU researchers

How can you make sure your message gets across? Please see this page for further information.

Junior Researchers at Aarhus University

A website for postdocs and assistant professors, including tenure track.

The website provides junior researchers at Aarhus University with information about the many resources and services available, including information on available courses and services to advance their professional development

Please see this page: http://talent.au.dk/junior-researchers-at-aarhus-university/

Basic principles of PhD education at Aarhus University

Aarhus University insists on academic excellence in PhD education. Academic development, scholarly integrity, societal engagement, and the ability to collaborate are key in PhD education.

For further information about the 5 basic principles please see this page.