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External call: Double Degree with home institution at Deakin University

International PhD Scholarship Program Deakin University, Australia and Aarhus University, Denmark

Partners: School of Education/REDI, Deakin University, Australia and Centre for Higher Education Futures (CHEF) and the Danish School of Education, Aarhus University, Denmark (Copenhagen)

Deakin University’s School of Education and Research for Education Impact (REDI) together with the Aarhus University’s Centre for Higher Education Futures (CHEF) and Danish School of Education are seeking two outstanding candidates for a joint doctoral research scholarship program (Deakin-Aarhus Cotutelle program).  The two successful applicants will be supported with a full-time, three-year scholarship and will be jointly supervised by academic experts from both institutions

The Deakin University-Aarhus University joint PhD program offers research students an unparalleled international experience, working alongside world-class researchers across two continents. Joint degree students spend time working with their supervisors at both universities. As a result, they gain unique exposure to different cultural and scientific environments and substantially increase their employability after graduation. Upon completion of the joint degree program, students receive a dually badged internationally recognised doctoral degree from both institutions.

A key feature of the Cotutelle program is by successfully completing one thesis project the candidate is eligible to be considered for two separate doctoral awards – a PhD from Aarhus University, Denmark and a PhD Deakin University, Australia.  

Successful applicants will enroll at Deakin University as their home institution, but will also enroll at Aarhus as their host institution where they will be required to spend one third of the candidature at Aarhus (Copenhagen), taking into consideration individual circumstances.

Both projects are expected to be comparative and have the potential to be interdisciplinary as well as offer significant potential for the candidate to develop further international research collaborations.

The joint supervision offers excellent training in education policy, education sociology, gender studies and/or other discipline areas in education such as well-being, inclusion/exclusion, mathematics and early childhood education. The collaboration between research centres provides supportive research environments in higher education.

Further details on each institution are REDI: http://www.deakin.edu.au/redi
and  CHEF: http://edu.au.dk/en/research/chef/about-chef/

The broad areas of research that prospective applicants can address through their research proposal and scholarship application according to the interests of each candidate are below.


Education, schooling and communities

The School of Education through REDI, the strategic research centre in Education is seeking research proposals from prospective scholarship applicants interested in key issues such as student wellbeing, questions of inclusion/exclusion in education and schooling and early childhood education, with a particular focus that aligns to one of the four program areas of REDI:

  • Children, Young People and their Communities
  • Curriculum, Assessment, Pedagogy and Digital Learning
  • Education Governance and Policy (EGP)
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education (STEME)  

Further details about REDI https://www.deakin.edu.au/redi/our-team


Higher Education

Internationally recognised research leaders Alfred Deakin Professor Jill Blackmore and Professor Susan Wright, Director of CHEF are seeking a candidate who broadly will pursue a project that focuses on: 

  • The changing nature of academic work and precarity of employment and its manifestations and consequences, with particular regard to workplace relations and academic wellbeing.  


  • The gender relations of university leadership and management in the context of the global restructuring of higher education and its equity consequences  

The applicants can come from the field of education or related fields. They would need to have the necessary qualifications such as a two-year masters with a thesis component or honours* or to have fulfilled in some other way the necessary academic requirements for undertaking a PhD programme which meet the normal selection requirements at both Deakin and Aarhus University into a doctoral program.

*N.B Honours graduates must hold relevant work, research experience or publications in addition to their degree to demonstrate a level equivalent to a two year Danish Master, in order to meet entry requirements of the Aarhus PhD. At Deakin, Honours graduates must demonstrate H1 equivalence.

We seek in the applicants a number of capacities including but not limited to excellent written and verbal communication skills, academic writing skills, organisational ability, ability to work independently and as part of a team as well as being self-motivated.

The scholarships will commence mid 2019 and funded for three years. As the scholarship holder will be required to be located at both the Aarhus and Deakin University campuses during their candidature some support for travel between the institutions can be provided.

Further information 

Education, schooling and communities
Contact: Alfred Deakin Professor Julianne Moss
Director REDI
Mob: +61 0418517859
Email: julianne.moss@deakin.edu.au 

Higher Education 
Contact: Alfred Deakin Professor Jill Blackmore
Mob: +61 0414433350
Email: jillb@deakin.edu.au 

Entry requirements
Contact: Associate Professor Amanda Mooney Higher Degrees by Research Coordinator (Waurn Ponds)
Tel: +61 3 52273285
Email: amanda.mooney@deakin.edu.au