General information

The Graduate School, Arts offers doctoral education for the research disciplines of the Faculty of Arts within all areas of the humanities, theology and education studies.

Research and research training cover both classical humanities disciplines such as classical archaeology and art history as well as new, interdisciplinary research areas such as cognition, IT and international area studies. The Graduate School has extensive research collaboration with public institutions and the private sector.

This site provides you with information about the graduate school and its programmes and courses, current open calls, the PhD degree structure, application procedures requirements, financing, conditions of employment, contacts etc. Please find more information in the menu on the left.

If you wish to enroll in the PhD degree programme at the Graduate School, Arts, you should pay attention to the following:

  • If you apply for a scholarship from the Faculty of Arts, you apply both for scholarship and enrolment at the Graduate School at once. You can only apply for scholarships when they are announced. Please see the page Open calls.
  • If you are already holding a scholarship from another partner, or if your PhD project has some other kind of funding, you only have to apply for enrolment at the Graduate School. You can apply for enrolment with your own funding all year.
    You should expect the response time to be at least one month.

Your previous education decides which type of scholarship you can apply for:

Application guidelines

If you wish to apply for a PhD degree programme at the Graduate School, Arts, please see our application guide. Find more information about the PhD programmes at the Graduate School here.