AUFF - guest and screening grants

For VIP only

Applications for AUFF additional funding for PhD activities at Faculty of Arts.

AUFF additional funding for PhD activities covers the following activities:

  • Screening grants for potential future PhD students at Graduate School, Arts
  • Guest visits at Faculty of Arts for visiting PhD students from other international universities

Who can apply

  • Full-time AU (Aarhus University) employee at associate professor and professor level
    • Heads of Research Programs
    • Associate Professors
    • Professors

AUFF = The Aarhus University Research Foundation.

Please see these pages for further information: Screening grants and Visiting PhD students

Deadlines and grant periods

Application deadline
 is 1 March, 1 June and 1 October every year.

You can expect a reply within 1-2 months after application deadline.


Retrospective applications are not permitted. In other words, you can only apply for grants for trips which have not yet started.

Grant period

The funds must be spent within 14 months after the awarding of the grant.